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Covid-19 Update:

For everyone's safety and to comply with state policies, we are moving many of our June and July classes to live online instruction. This includes 2020 Summer SAT Prep Courses A & B, Enrichment classes, and one-on-one classes. Please visit the course webpages for 2020 Summer SAT/ACT Courses for more information.

2020 Summer Program

We are moving many of our June and July classes to live online instruction until further notice. We will monitor the situation closely and may re-evaluate whether to open in-person classes later this summer. Below is the list of courses that will be offered online:

Summer SAT Prep Courses A* (Classes begin: 6/15/2020)
Summer SAT Prep Courses B* (Classes begin: 7/9/2020)
Summer ACT Prep Course A & B* (Course A Classes begin: 6/26/2020, Course B Classes begin: 7/20/2020)
Summer AP Subject Enrichment courses (Classes begin: 6/22/2020)
Math Enrichment courses (Classes begin: 6/22/2020)
Science Enrichment courses (Classes begin: 6/22/2020)
SAT Subject Prep courses
Summer One-on-one tutoring

*Our Summer SAT & ACT Prep courses will have modified schedules to better accommodate online instruction. Rather than one 4-hour long class, we will hold a 2-hour morning class and 2-hour afternoon class.

Summer SAT Prep Course C (Classes begin: 8/5/2020) will be In-Person, but we will re-evaluate the situation later this summer.

Summer TJ Prep Courses are currently planning to hold In-Person starting June 15 and 16. We are strictly limiting the class sizes to five (5) at Fairfax and McLean and three (3) at Vienna to allow for social distancing in the largest classrooms. We are monitoring the situation closely and will make adjustments if needed. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Rest assured that we at PLC are conscious of your students' academic needs and are committed to providing the same quality education online that they would receive in-person. Physical class materials will be provided as needed. However, for those still interested in in-person instruction, we will have limited opening of some courses in mid-June on a case-by-case basis.

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